We're Making Volunteering Simple.
For volunteers & recruiters.
We're making it simple to find, manage, and log volunteering opportunities for both volunteers and recruiters.
Keeping searching simple with swiping.
Volunteers can easily swipe through listings and get the info they care about.
Logging hours made simple.
Digital signatures make logging and sharing volunteering hours simple.
Managing volunteers made simple.
In addition to volunteers, management of events & position listings has also been made simple.
Get started right away.
No more annoying, long, and outdated forms. Just fill out a few fields and get started.
Built for Volunteers.
No more outdated or irrelevant listings. Swipe right on positions that interest you and apply. Need proof of volunteering hours? Digital signatures make it simple.
Built for Recruiters.
Give us your info, create an event listing, add positions
and get notified when applicants apply to them.
What else do we offer Recruiters?
We make managing applicants easy, from viewing applications, to event onboarding, to verifying volunteer hours and more.
And with our premium plan(s) you'll be able to easily run applicant background checks.
We're launching soon.
We’re working on building something special and want you to be a part of it! Give us your name & email below and we'll let you know when we're ready.
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